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“Ricky is great! earlier this year I was training for my first Ironman and was having lower back issues, when I came to Ricky I wasn’t even able to rin 1km run, the prospect of completeing Ironman felt like a a pipe dream. Ricky got me back up and (quite litterally) running again! Now I dont’ want to diminish my hard work in this whole finishing an ironman thing, however, if it wasn’t for Ricky I wouldn’t have got to the start line! If you need a Chiropractor, Osteopath or Sport Massage the people (including Ricky) at Summit Wellbeing are fantastic….if you don’t beleive me just look at my face!…they too can make you this happy…go on! Go and see them! Treat yourself!”

— Ian

“I had a great couple of sessions with Chris – having gone in with daily headaches and a history of spasms and restriction in the neck and mid back, I saw almost immediate improvements. The first session included a detailed discovery, some acupuncture, massage and a small manipulation – I felt immediately looser, and the following day was even better still. Chris was quick to hone in on the problem, and targeted it straight away. A really great experience.”

— Jamie

“Ricky is great. Knowledgable, patient and professional. He sorted my trapped nerve out. Highly recommended”

— Nathan

“It’s obvious that there is a real passion for excellence at Summit. I’ve seen Sam a couple of times for massage and he’s one of very few people who really finds the problems and is able to make a real difference. Best massage therapist I’ve had.”

— Adam

“I was recommended visiting Ricky at Summit Wellbeing by a physio at my local gym and after the first session of chiro I knew I was getting the best service I could ask for. I’ve always had back problems including stiffness due to posture stemming from long hours of sitting at work. Ricky’s helped me understand where I’ve gone wrong, given me very affective exercises to do and I’m now back to being 100%. He’s super professional but friendly and will make you feel right at home. Cheers Ricky, I would not think twice in recommending you to friends/family.”

— Satpal

“Cannot recommend Ricky enough- coming to him after a fractured left arm ( ill advised soft ball game ) which had then created major stress on golfers elbow on the right- was in a lot of pain and felt a proper lemon !

His mix of acupunture , massage and sound therapy together with some regular easy excercises has done wonders .As a fifty something who is more fond of beer than cycling his easy manner and helpful nature helped me immensely- wouldn’t hesitate to recomend him!”

— Toby

“After having problem shoulders for longer than I can remember, I’m delighted to have found this place. An absolute god send! Thank you Chris for being so kind and understanding and helping relieve the tension in my neck and shoulders. I highly recommend this place.

— Sarah

“I had a massage with Janice and am really impressed. I arrived with a number of issues that she helped address. I really liked her careful analysis of where I’m at and how she treated me. I’m feeling so much better already. I’d definately recommend.”

— Bernard

“Saw RIcky with my dodgy shoulder and hip from cycling. Excellent and professional service, and am now fully back to health. Everything about the process was convenient, and relaxded (apart from the excercises!) Many thanks to his excellent skills and bike fit.”

— Ben

“Ricky helped me enormously with my tennis elbow. I suffered for years with my bad back and bad shoulder pains and I feel so much better after the treatment. Ricky gave me also online exercise which are invaluable whilst I am traveling for work. Wonderful”

— Hans

“I highly recommend Summit Wellbeing. Thank you so much Ricky helping me to walk again! After the first session of Shockwave I felt much better, but after 3 treatments all the pain has gone and can walk! So so happy!!!”

— Zsofia

“After a bad bike crash at 50km/h which left me with ligament damage in my left shoulder and whiplash and trapped nerves affecting my neck, right shoulder and arm, I sought treatment from Chris Lawlor at Summit Wellbeing. After an intensive few weeks of therapy, involving deep tissue massage and other techniques, I’m back on my bike, largely pain free and looking forward to my various cycling challenges this summer. Chris has done an excellent job of putting me back together again, and not only that, he’s a thoroughly nice chap and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

— Mark

“Endured a trapped nerve for months and saw multiple people to try and relieve the excruciating pain. I was on the verge of having surgery when I found Ricky who managed to deal with the issue in a few sessions. He is incredibly knowledgeable and I feel like a new person when I leave Summit!”

— Samantha

“Ricky is simply THAT GUY! Amazingly detailed overview of my potential problem area and fantastic results from his therapy which a year on, has me feeling as good as new!”

— Ben

“Having never been to an osteopath I wasn’t sure what to expect and just thought it was for people with bad backs. After around 5 treatments Chris has sorted the pain and I feel stronger than ever. The treatment is non-invasive and totally relaxing. Chris is very welcoming and friendly.He explains every element of the treatment and it really is good value. You are investing in your health. ”

— David

“After injuring my lower back, I was recommended to go see Dr Ricky by a fair few of my colleagues who all use Summit. Ricky quickly put me at ease and my treatment has been fantastic, professional yet friendly environment and I always feel relaxed and confident when leaving. I would recommend Ricky and the team at Summit to everyone!”

— Jessica

“I can’t recommend Summit Wellbeing enough. For the first time in years i am pain free. Ricky is awesome and i am so grateful. Appointments are not rushed which makes the whole treatment so much better. Thank tou Ricky and whoever is thinking about visiting Summit wellbeing – just do it! You won’t regret it!”

— Marta

“Absolutely BRILLIANT. The initial consultation was extremely thorough and the combination of treatment with rehabilitation exercises is keeping me pain free. I cannot recommend Ricky enough – he is excellent at what he does and the follow ups after the first session have been detailed and supportive. GO, GET IT SORTED. You’ll be finally be fixed! ”

— Georgia

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