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Pregnancy Treatment

Massage, acupuncture and rehabilitation can all help keep you comfortable and relaxed all the way through to birth. In our East Sheen clinic we have the massage therapy/ physiotherapy expertise and pregnancy pillows allowing you to lie on your front during treatment.

If you think you need a more in-depth assessment or specialist treatment Deirdre our physiotherapist specialises in ante and postnatal treatment and rehabilitation including pilates, meet her here.

During your first trimester we advise very minimal, light treatment. Massage around the legs and shoulders, feet and head.

As things progress through 12 weeks we include treatment around the hips, lower back and mid back. Acupuncture and taping including myofascial release can help as your body begins to change. Increasing lordosis puts more pressure on your hips and spine, whilst relaxing ligaments can cause joint and muscle pain. Nerve pain can begin due to this increasing pressure caused by your little one.

Treatment is aimed at reducing this effect alongside a tailored muscle activation, stretch and strength program. Massage stimulates many effects to improve recovery and decrease pain. It can increase blood flow, decrease swelling and stimulate healing and pain reduction.

Our massages in East Sheen can be tailored to your needs. During pregnancy firm sports massages are fantastic for injury recovery, pain reduction and flexibility, enabling you to stay active throughout. Therapeutic massages are perfect for stress relief, recovery and relaxation. Whatever you need, we have it covered.

East Sheen, Richmond

1hr Pregnancy Massage


Relax on your front…

you know you want too…

Our clinic is based in East Sheen / Mortlake, Richmond. We regularly see patients with pregnancy related pain and other musculoskeletal issues and tailor our treatments individually to each patient along with a full rehab program. Our therapists in East sheen/ Mortlake listed above are all fully registered and undergo extensive training to treat pregnancy related back pain using various techniques including Chiropractic, Osteopathy & Physiotherapy plus acupuncture & dry needling.

If you live in East Sheen, Mortlake, Kew, Barnes or the surrounding areas feel free to drop in to discuss your pregnancy related pain or contact us via email or phone. Alternatively you can simply book online!!.

We look forward to meeting you at our East Sheen clinic!

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