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Andrew Aziz



Andrew is a HCPC-registered podiatrist and member of the Royal College of Podiatry, with extensive experience working in the NHS. He started his career as a junior podiatrist, where he developed a strong foundation in holistic diagnosis and patient-centered care. He then advanced to a specialist podiatrist role, managing high-risk podiatry cases, including diabetic foot pathologies. Currently, I practice at an advanced level as a PCN Podiatrist.


My competencies include assessing, diagnosing, and treating various conditions such as:

Foot lumps and bumps:
Verrucae/warts, calluses, corns, etc.

Nail care:
Deformed nails or routine nail care.

Ingrowing toenails:
Experienced in treating ingrown toenails using conservative methods or minor surgery when necessary.

Foot wounds:
Management of trauma-related or diabetic, rheumatoid, gout-related wounds, and open lesions.

Musculoskeletal foot and ankle pain:
Conditions like plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, ankle sprains, etc.

Foot health education:
Providing guidance to help you adopt a preventative approach to your overall foot health.


Andrew is dedicated to improving foot health and mobility, which will, in turn, enhance your general well-being.

You should see Andrew for:


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What our clients say

“Ricky is great! earlier this year I was training for my first Ironman and was having lower back issues, when I came to Ricky I wasn’t even able to rin 1km run, the prospect of completeing Ironman felt like a a pipe dream. Ricky got me back up and (quite litterally) running again! Now I dont’ want to diminish my hard work in this whole finishing an ironman thing, however, if it wasn’t for Ricky I wouldn’t have got to the start line! If you need a Chiropractor, Osteopath or Sport Massage the people (including Ricky) at Summit Wellbeing are fantastic….if you don’t beleive me just look at my face!…they too can make you this happy…go on! Go and see them! Treat yourself!”

- Ian

"I had a great couple of sessions with Chris – having gone in with daily headaches and a history of spasms and restriction in the neck and mid back, I saw almost immediate improvements. The first session included a detailed discovery, some acupuncture, massage and a small manipulation – I felt immediately looser, and the following day was even better still. Chris was quick to hone in on the problem, and targeted it straight away. A really great experience.”

- Jamie